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Warlord Dorgain Ironfist

Warlord Dorgain Ironfist

Number of posts : 72
Location : Netherlands.
Race : IC = Dwarf. OOC = Viking.
Registration date : 2009-01-18

Contacted by the DMA Empty
PostSubject: Contacted by the DMA   Contacted by the DMA Icon_minitimeSat Jan 31, 2009 3:50 pm

A lone horsewoman, clad in yellow and silver, appears over the nearby foothills. Her approach to the gates is swift; she stops just short of them, dismounts briskly and approaches the guards bearing a scroll sealed with a blue wax stamp. She speaks with the grace borne by all Mirdain, "Hail to you, Guards of the Ironbreakers. I come as an ambassador bearing official correspondence for your Lords - The Darkfall Merchants Association seeks your participation."

The ambassador hands the guard the scroll, turns and starts heading back towards her horse. She clasps the reins about to re-mount, pauses and looks at the guard. "We shall be trading with you soon." She climbs back onto her horse, turns to face the hills from whence she came, and sets off swiftly. "Naro lîm, Ki'liaan!" The sound of the horses hooves fades, leaving only a glimmer of silver in the distance; soon to disappear over the foothills without suggestion the rider had ever appeared.

The contents of the parchment are listed herein:

Well met to you, leaders of Westbrook!

We write to you seeking your membership into the Darkfall Merchants Association (DMA). We are a non-clan organisation aimed at promoting the welfare and success of crafters/gatherers/merchants in Agon. We are looking for both clans and individuals, both crafters and non-crafters, of any alignment, race or allegiance, to join our Association. Non-crafter types, such as mercenaries, city-builders, territorialists, naval-oriented and PvP/Anti-PKers are all invaluable to the success of crafters; yet non-crafters too have much to gain from crafters themselves. We aim to be 'above' inter-clan and racial politics. Our forum aims to provide a platform for individual members or clans to strike deals and contracts with other members, or form pacts as they see fit. We will likely also host a DNS (Do Not Sell) list to better pre-warn members against those who do not value the role of crafters. And since external websites will be accessible from within DFO, this will make it a useful tool while traveling the world of Agon.

If any of these core principles appeal to you at all, or to your clan as a whole, we will welcome all Dwarves of Ironbreaker amongst our Association. Feel free to visit, register and to join our discussions: Discussion and debate is what will see out the best outcomes. We are only a young organisation, but we are growing by the day, and would greatly value the involvement of as many clans and individuals as possible! Clans interested in empire building and territorial expansion, as well as trading stand to be best served by the Association's open and non-racial political status, as we are gaining crafters and non-crafters from all over Agon. This may, too, work in your favour.

I appreciate your counsel! May we offer you many trading opportunities into the future!

The parchment is signed in a silver ink:

Lady Si'aan Anoura.
Official Ambassador from the Darkfall Merchants Association (DMA).
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Jerome Dagren Dascombe
Jerome Dagren Dascombe

Number of posts : 406
Age : 31
Location : Netherlands
Race : Human
Registration date : 2009-01-03

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PostSubject: Re: Contacted by the DMA   Contacted by the DMA Icon_minitimeSun Feb 01, 2009 5:44 am

Sounds good to me, vote about it?
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Contacted by the DMA
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